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    Öztiryakiler Coating
    Öztiryakiler Endüstriyel Kaplama Ekmekçilik ve
    Pastacılık Ekipmanları San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

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About Us

Öztiryakiler industrial coating is not only used for the food sector producing bakery products, but also for textile, machinery, packaging, milk, medicine, petrochemicals, detergents, etc. It can serve a wide spectrum such as. Our company uses 20 different groups and 4 different pigments in its production. Ptfe, fep, pfa, silicon, halar and rilsan serve with coating types. Öztiryakiler industrial coating continues its activities in an area of 10.000m² in its factory in Topkapı. Öztiryakiler has adopted the principles and principles of total quality and after-sales service. And, like Öztiryakiler, which constantly produces innovations, it constantly makes innovations in the field of industrial coating.

Öztiryakiler Factory Building


Öztiryakiler coating, which is an establishment of Öztiryakiler, the most well-established and well-known company in the sector, which has been operating in the design, projecting, production and sales of industrial kitchen equipment and appliances for nearly 60 years, was established in 1999 with 100% Turkish capital. Öztiryakiler has established its activities in line with the collection quality management and has allocated the resources needed to ensure and maintain end-user satisfaction by complying with the existing laws and laws and relevant standards. Öztiryakıler industrial coating was restructured by renewing its production technologies and systems in 2005 and started to have a say among the leading companies of the sector.

Coating Types and Properties
Specifications Non-Stick Coating Types  
Non-stickiness Excellent Excellent Excellent Middle
Friction Coefficient 0,08-0,1 0,08-0,1 0,1 0,25
Heat Resistance ◦c
(Continuous Service Temperature)
288 205 260 150
Dielectric Strength
(Volt Mikron) 100 micron film
16-55 55 80 160
Melting Temperature ◦c  330 280 300 260
Hardness, Rockwel, Shored 60 55 60 75
Wear Resistance Middle Good Very Good Excellent
Chemical / Corrosion Resistance Very Good Excellent Excellent Good

Coating Types

  • Rilsan It is a Rilsan Polyamide bases coating. It has high resistance against many chemicals is environments up to 90c. It is also resistanto to anticorrosivs areas and friction.
  • Halar(ectfe) It is a polymer based coating. It has high resistance against many chemicals in environments up to 150 ºc. It is suitable for food. It is also resistant to anticorrosive areas and friction.
  • Silicon Slicon provides high strength in mixtures with lord of sugar and egg whites. It prevents the crumbling and crusting of the cake since it provides a homogeneous baking. It minimizes the oil consumption.
  • F.e.p It has thermoplastic properties. Good chermical resistance. It is resistant up to 300 ºc.
  • P.f.a. It has thermoplastic feature. Good chemical resistance. It can be worked at 260 ºc.
  • P.t.f.e P.t.f.e has a low coefficient of friction. It is resistant to high temperatures.
  • Eclıpse Adhesive feature is excellent. You can work comfortably at 350 ºc

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